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Migos Feat. Young Thug


Posted By on August 12, 2020

Given how ubiquitous Migos have become in today’s musical climate, it’s almost hard to imagine a time when they were young, hungry, and steadily gaining momentum in the game. For many fans, 2015’s Yung Rich Nation project served as an introduction to the Atlanta trifecta, their first studio album released with longtime partners Quality Control Music. Boasting fifteen tracks and production from Murda Beatz, Zaytoven, and Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E., Yung Rich Nation represented an exciting era in the Migos’ artistic history.

A few weeks ago, the project celebrated its fifth anniversary, a testament to how quickly time flies in the rap game. Yet there is always comfort in familiarity, and hearing Migos connect with Young Thug on “Cocaina” was as refreshing then as it is today. Clocking in at over five minutes, the extensive banger finds Quavo, Thugger, and Takeoff in their trap bag, penning cocaine raps that would make Pusha T beam with pride. The dynamic never really changed, with Quavo setting the tone and Takeoff stealing the show with a dexterous flow; unfortunately, Offset sits this one out, but Thugger’s chameleon-esque drug-runnery makes for a solid alternative. 

Though we missed this one’s anniversary when it occurred, the Migos’ debut studio album deserves some anniversary love all the same. If you still have this one in your rotation, or look back on it fondly due to the memories it sparks, sound off in the comments below.


Cocaina, call it Miley Cyrus
Actavis ‘cause we don’t drink that wise shit
They talking about the Migos we spreading like we a virus
Thinking about running up on me, think I’m sweet, I wouldn’t advise it
Diamonds build our temperature up, fucking run it to the closet
Chopper make you do whatever I say n***s call me Simon



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