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New Money

Posted By on June 20, 2021

Less than a week after the release of Culture IIIMigos came through with the deluxe edition, and surprisingly, no features were attached to any of the new records. Migos added another five songs to the project which is rather tasteful in comparison to most other deluxe edition re-releases. Migos bounce off of each other, proving that the bank of 700 tracks they had to choose from included some other solid records.

“New Money” serves as one of the highlights off of the deluxe edition of the project. The production, handled by Squill Beats and Will Major, offers a “Narcos” like feel with the Latin-inspired guitar strings. Quavo comes through on hook duties, repeating, “It’s a new day, so new money/ Fuck yesterday.” The song brings it back to their lush, trap-R&B-infused records like “Cocoon” and “Kelly Price,” if only for their use of auto-tune and spacey, melodic ad-libs.

Peep the record below.

Quotable Lyrics
I put twin turbos on my Cayenne 
He can’t stay out my lane, need a linin’ 
Eighty K for two Birkins, I buy in 
Mike Phelps on your bitch, I’m divin’
X pill, bite down, Mike Tyson