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Mir Fontane

Question Everything

Posted By on July 11, 2020

Mir Fontane teamed up with his main collaborator Ish Williams for their latest project, WWJD. The tape is dedicated to their late friend Jose Morel, who was murdered last November.  “WWJD means the world to us. Jose was like our savior in a way,” Mir Fontane and Ish Williams said in a statement.

“He wanted the best for us, and would sacrifice his last to see us get to that next level. During this quarantine, we know that Jose would have told us to go to the studio, lock in, and bring him out some heat to drop. The collaboration was anticipated since 2016 so we felt like it was only right to celebrate our brother’s birthday with a project in honor of his name.”

“Question Everything” is a standout track on the album where Mir unleashes his anxiety and snaps. The instrumental delivers a gritty vibe that would sound at home on the Creed soundtrack. If this beat doesn’t make you wanna fight, then it will make you want to dance. 

Quotable Lyrics
Imagine you Bruce Wayne
And you get that phone call they killed Superman, and your whole mood chance
Batman gotta save the world but right now Batman gon do thangs
All these Jokers all on these streets, Poison Ivy, that’s all that I cheef
That’s why I be high, high as I be

Mir Fontane