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Money Man


Posted By on August 3, 2020

Money Man is really one of those artists who release music without really saying much to anyone. It’s not uncommon to scroll down YouTube to find that he’s released numerous tracks over a short period of time, especially demos. This weekend, it feels like he may have dumped a few songs on his hard drive onto YouTube for his fans. He has the luxury to do that, as well. On his latest record, “Progress,” Money Man comes through with some motivation for anyone on the hustle. He details keeping his eye on the ball as he manifests his goals. “I got tunnel vision, they can’t stop a n***a progress,” he raps on the hook. “All my money tall, bitch/ Ain’t no short-man complex.” 

Along with this single, he also dropped off “Out Da Box.” Check out his latest offering below.

Quotable Lyrics
Arrogant ass n***a, damn, I can’t help but pop shit
I know if we go down then I’m guaranteed to pop shit
Bitch, I’m from the streets, so how the fuck can I be on pop shit?
They don’t know no real struggle, they ain’t never lost shit

Money Man