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Mustafa Feat. James Blake

Come Back

Posted By on June 30, 2020

Toronto’s Mustafa The Poet’s raw talent has been gaining more exposure, especially after the release of his powerful single, “Stay Alive” earlier this year. The song addressed the gun violence in Toronto, and the globe, that has taken away so many lives at a young age. Today, the singer released a brand new collaboration titled, “Come Back” alongside James Blake. They debuted a live rendition of the song on YouTube earlier today which marks two years since the death of rising Toronto rapper Smoke Dawg.

“Perpetually grateful for James who helped free me of my own emotional burdens when I was young, to now helping me free these stories of those who’ve passed too young,” he said about the song. “today marks 2 years without Smoke Dawg. I pray the people you lost come back to you in the form that heals you best, if not a memory, a dream, if not a dream, in their siblings eyes, if not that, than in the way you carry yourself”

Quotable Lyrics
The oak tree my old TV, the friend of past
I miss the night was made for rest
When my heart was more than glass



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