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Posted By on September 21, 2020

It was just a few weeks ago when Night Lovell declared that the month of September calls for new music. He wasn’t lying. As we approached the final days of the summer, Lovell slid through with his latest record, “Alone.” ShaqFrance cooks up the grim, moody production with high-pitch melodies popping out through the shadows. Lovell divulges in paranoia and disloyalty while creating this dystopian atmosphere through his baritone vocals that command your attention off the rip. “Thinkin’ as I count these fuckin’ days,” he raps. “Just the other night I was playing with this Beretta/ I’ve just been so fed up.”

This marks his first official single since the release of “I Heard You Were Looking For Me” in February. Check out his new single below.

Quotable Lyrics
My mama said I’m actin’ kinda different 
It’s probably all the shit that I’ve been missin’ 
I don’t tell nobody ’cause I don’t do any bitchin’ 
‘Cause that’s when all these n***as catch you slippin’,
Hope I find the truth while I’m alive

Night Lovell


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