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NLE Choppa


Posted By on December 23, 2020

NLE Choppa‘s spiritual awakening has been documented over the course of the year. He’s turned to a plant-based diet, began meditating and offering fans positive vibes. He also pledged to refrain from rapping about violence in order to be a more positive influence to the youth. He seems to be making good on his promise with his latest releases. This week, he dropped off his new single, “Protect” which brings together an easy-listening melody over soulful production as he reflects on his come-up as a teen and the trials and tribulations he faced to get to the position he’s in now.

Choppa has been offering a ton of new music this year. He kicked things off with Top Shotta and in the wake of his recent spiritual transformation, he came through with From Dark To Light.

Check out the latest offering from NLE Choppa below.

Quotable Lyrics

Time flies by when you having fun
But back then I ain’t feel like I had nothin’
Back when a n***a didn’t need a mask on 
But I kept my ski mask and my cash grew long

NLE Choppa