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One Acen Feat. CallMeTheKidd


Posted By on July 12, 2020

One Acen has pretty much given us a banger for every season in the past eight months. “Xpensive Habits” held down fall 2019 while Darko’s “Gangsta” ft. One Acen is still riding strong eight months later. Though we haven’t heard a new project from One Acen since 2018’s SexyOddRose, he’s not letting summer 2020 pass without blessing us with an anthem. This weekend, he returned with CallMeTheKidd for his latest record, “Nigeria.” Paying homage to the West African country, One Acen brings a vibrant afrobeats infused instrumental to tackle with tinges of dreamy Caribbean influence that truly sounds fitting for beach parties and BBQs. It’s a celebratory anthem that acknowledges the darker times while contrasting it to the luxurious lifestyle he worked so hard to live.

Check it out below.

Quotable Lyrics
My chick bad, period
‘Cause I only touch pussy that’s premium
Ayy, whip game serious
Girl, wait ’til you see the interior
He got the green and the white, Nigeria
But he only touch food that’s premium, ayy

One Acen


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