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OutKast Feat. Zack De La Rocha

B.O.B (Zack De La Rocha Remix)

Posted By on October 26, 2020

Zack De La Rocha is no stranger to hip-hop collaboration, with his band Rage Against The Machine having made him an honorary ally of the culture. And while this isn’t exactly a recent drop, it would appear that Zack De La Rocha’s remix of OutKast‘s classic Stankonia single “B.o.B” has obtained its first-ever streaming release, nearly twenty years after its initial release. It should be noted that upon its drop was originally a radio-exclusive release (imagine that), and as such, has developed somewhat of a cult following over the years. 

Speaking with Rolling Stone, both Big Boi and Andre 3000 offered a few words about the De La Rocha remix, which brings a heavier emphasis on the guitar throughout the already-explosive single. On that note, De La Rocha’s presence is felt primarily through his distorted tone, a signature ingredient of the Rage Against The Machine sound — though it might have been nice to hear him spit a few bars alongside Three Stacks and Big Boi. “Zack added an extra layer of grunge to a masterpiece,ā€ praises Big Boi, in an official press release. ā€œIā€™m a fan of the Rage sound so it was an honor to have them involved in a remix,” adds the ever-elusive Andre.

Be sure to check out the once-rare remix of “B.O.B,” now available on streaming platforms for the first time ever. What do you think of Zack De La Rocha’s take?


Inslumnational, underground
Thunder pounds when I stomp the ground 
Like a million elephants or silverback orangutan
You can’t stop the train
Who want some don’t come unprepared
I’ll be there, but when I leave there
Bet I’ll be a household name
Weatherman tellin’ us it ain’t gon’ rain



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