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Obituary 2020

Posted By on January 2, 2021

2020 is officially in the past. It was a long, strenuous year that was filled with a lot of grim news. The coronavirus pandemic continues to claim lives by the thousands across the world daily but there were also plenty of losses among some of the most respected and prominent figures in pop culture, music, sports, and beyond. 

As artists drop off their own annual wrap-up tracks, Papoose returned with “Obituary 2020.” Instead of looking back on the biggest viral moments, he paid homage to all those that died this year from Kobe Bryant, Pop Smoke, Sean Connery, George Floyd, and more. Though MF DOOM didn’t necessarily get a shout out in the song, Pap did include some footage of the masked rapper at the beginning of the video.

Check out Pap’s latest below.

Quotable Lyrics
Five-time champion, all-time scorer, a father
18 time All-Star, the Black Mamba
The cause of his death? Helicopter crash
He died with his daughter Gianna, how sad