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I'm Not A Racist

Posted By on July 28, 2020

Plies is an American treasure that must be protected at all costs. Though it feels like his career in music has been stagnant, whenever he does decide to drop, it’s always worth the wait. Sure, Plies might not be the most lyrical rapper or really have a penchant for making consistent hits but what he does have that his peers lack is infectious charisma. He showcases this on his Instagram and social media quite frequently. It does always make its way into his music.

Plies returned with a timely record this week titled, “I’m Not A Racist.” The bass-heavy record would be bound for the strip clubs if it weren’t a pandemic but chances are it might turn into a viral TikTok challenge. In these tense times in society, Plies makes it clear that he doesn’t discriminate against anyone and is all about harmony, in his own unique way.

Check out his new song below.

Quotable Lyrics
I got all different color foreigns, I am not a racist
I like my money different colors but I prefer blue faces
I can get money with whomever, you can be caucasian
And if Sara want to eat the chocolate, I’mma let her taste it