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Pop Smoke Feat. Obasi Jackson

Bad Boys

Posted By on July 31, 2021

Last November, Pop Smoke‘s bother Obasi Jackson played what he said was the original verse for “Dior” that Pop laid down. The clip was only from social media, and it sounded rough. Now, we have that verse in top form. Obasi flipped the OG verse and places it on “Bad Boys,” one of the tracks that were secretly added to Pop Smoke‘s album over the weekend. 

The track has Pop Smoke delivering the verse the begin the track, but Obasi takes control of the rest of the song. The anthemic single comes right before “Dior” on the album (yes, “Dior” was added to Faith), which is the final song. 

Quotable Lyrics
Look, this Glock up on me holds six-O (‘O)
Have ’em dancin’ like Calypso (‘So)
I’m a big belly rude boy
My stomach look like a hippo (‘Po)
Tell the bottle girls, “Shake it” (Shake it)
Bring the bottles of Bel Air (Bеl Air)

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