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Posted By on September 4, 2021

Toronto’s Portion has been revving up this summer. Singles like “Ties” and “99 Prblms” have been ringing off heavily this summer. With an EP on the way, he’s keeping the ball moving with his latest offering, “Wave.” Championship-worthy horns ring out over exhilarating 808s as Portion tallies his wins and reflects on the sacrifices he’s made on the way up. “Ran up that cheque, and now look what it did to me,” raps Portion on the record.

“I want people to feel like they won a championship,” he said in a statement. “No matter what mood I’m in I play this song and I’m confident again. I want people to use this song as motivation to keep going and give people something to feel confident to. We all want to flex sometimes, and this is the soundtrack for that.”

Quotable Lyrics
I swear my drip on infinity
I spend 42 on my Amiri jeans
This Celine not McQueen, are you kidding me?
When you see me, just keep the same energy