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Tyla Yaweh Feat. Post Malone

Tommy Lee

Posted By on June 11, 2020

Tyla Yaweh is well-acquainted with Post Malone. The Orlando-based rapper signed to him and was featured as a support act on his Runaway tour. Still, he has been looking for something to set him apart from the pack. Tyla may have finally honed into his strengths with his new single “Tommy Lee.”

Due out at midnight tonight, the record is officially out in select international markets. Yaweh has a gift for melody and that much is clear on this one. He sings his bars in a nursery-rhyme scheme that will surely stick in your head and beg you to press the replay button. On top of that, the hitmaking king Post Malone comes in for the second verse, giving the listener added incentive. 

This is sure to become one of Yaweh’s biggest hits to date. Stay tuned for it and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m livin’ my life, celebration
I’m thankin’ the Lord, I got patience
I’m lovin’ the way that she take it
I bend it, I fold it, I flip it
She bringin’ it back just to prove it
I’m givin’ her work just to move it, yeah
And livin’ the life that I’m choosin’, yeah
I’m gettin’ these racks, gettin’ stupid

Tyla Yaweh


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