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That Was Therapeutic

Posted By on November 17, 2020

In the official video for “That Was Therapeutic”, the latest release from his new 4th Quarter Medley short film, RMR hints at finally revealing his identity to the world.

Following up the release of “The Wishing Hour”, RMR re-imagines one of the biggest songs of this year, remixing Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later.” The piano-laden rework of the track, which was commanded by The Do Betters, is emotional and raw, showcasing RMR’s talent as a songwriter and vocalist. 

In the video, he sits in a seat across from Amber Rose, delivering his lyrics as she listens on. After he finishes his verse, RMR removes his mask and hands it to the socialite. She examines the facial covering and takes a look at RMR, looking sad and understanding as she hands the mask back to him. Could we finally be learning just who RMR is soon?

4th Quarter Medley will be released on November 24, comprising of the third installment of the short film.

Quotable Lyrics:

I used to stress, I was chasin’ all the wrong things
Got in my bag, started counting all my blessings
Why are these n***as upset when I would call
Pick up your phone, throw me a bone
It’s hard to get a lil’ privacy, that’s what we chose, me and my woes