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Ron Suno Feat. Dusty Locane

Grabba (Remix)

Posted By on September 13, 2021

The mixture of comedy and a menacingly deep delivery has made Ron Suno an incredibly unique figure in the drill scene. For one, he’s from the Bronx, not Brooklyn, like many of the drill stars emerging out of New York. On top of that, he’s a former comedian and YouTuber that’s managed to shed the stigma of both as he entered the rap game.

The single “Grabba” was a highlight off of Suno’s Jokes Up project he dropped earlier this year. This week, he slid through with the official remix to the song with the help of Dusty Locane. Suno’s verse from the original track remains the same but Dusty Locane’s sprinkles his aggressive energy to the mix to boost the record.

Check out the remix below.

Quotable Lyrics
My Rollie go click-clack, let me have it
Mac empty, we aim at his 6 pack
All my homie’s they know the get back
You ain’t solid break him like a Kit Kat

Ron Suno


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