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Rubi Rose

He In His Feelings

Posted By on July 25, 2020

Rubi Rose got her start as a video vixen and was mostly known for her abilities as an Instagram model. However, as we have seen from many others, Rose has turned her previous stardom into a full-blown rap career. Yes, that’s right, Rubi Rose is making music now and she’s making sure everyone knows it. Over the last few months, she has dropped a few singles here and there, and now, she’s back with “He In His Feelings.”

This track is exactly what you would expect from the artist as she empowers herself by belittling the men that have done her wrong. She refers to these men and dumb and naive, as they continue to offer her money despite becoming headaches on a habitual basis. This sort of subject matter has become increasingly popular recently and Rubi Rose certainly fits into the genre quite well.

Quotable Lyrics:

He in his feelings
He call me to tell me it’s over again
He Sending Me Money Again
N**** A Dummy Again
He Think That I’m Playing A Game

Rubi Rose


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