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Run The Jewels

Holy Calamafuck

Posted By on June 10, 2020

It’s strangely easy to forget that Killer Mike and El-P have been putting in work as Run The Jewels for over eight years. It’s a testament to their respective solo careers, which yielded no shortage of high-quality music from both parties. The quality only continues with the release of Run The Jewels 4a project that features guest appearances from 2 Chainz, Zack De La Rocha, Josh Homme, Pharrell Williams, and more. Arriving in the midst of what feels like a budding revolution, it’s exactly the right time for some wisdom, poetry, and straight-up badassery from our favorite antiheroes Jamie and Mike. 

While there is plenty to unpack on the album, which boasts typically filthy production from the inimitable El, some of the highest peaks arrive when the pair are putting their mind to spazzing out. “Holy Calamafuck” wastes little time in asserting its dominance within the tracklist, with Mike and El-P firing off imaginative bars. “I’m the decider, you evil eyers, a pile driver provider for liars, the sleep depriver,” raps El, a worthy addition to any resume. His intensity is matched by his Atlanta counterpart, who slides into the magnificent beat switch with style. 

Check out the anthem below, and show some love to Jamie and Mike in the comments — two of hip-hop’s most consistent artists, a label hard-earned and well deserved.


I’m the decider, you evil eyers
A pile driver provider for liars, the sleep depriver
The nick of time mercy kill denier in prime
I’ll kill the mood of a Buddhist MacGyver
I’ll slap a yapper from the acne to the tooth bone fiber, I’m liver
Thought-crime designer criminal minder

Run The Jewels