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Can't Be Me

Posted By on July 23, 2020

It’s about that time for your regularly scheduled Russ release. The independent artist never ceases to share new music with fans, regardless of his projects or anything else he may be working on. Russ practices what he preaches as he advises other artists to own the rights to their music and to take the reigns when navigating their careers. The Shake the Snow Globe rapper-singer has done just that and amassed a dedicated following by implementing his own rules to the industry.

On Friday (July 24), Russ returns with his smooth single “Can’t Be Me” where he shares why he can’t be the type of person who doesn’t handle business. Once again, Russ uses his music to self-reflect—something he often does in his artistry. “Shoutout to all the fans everywhere. Can’t wait to come see y’all again,” he wrote over on Twitter as his fans shared their thoughts on “Can’t Be Me.” Give Russ’s new single a few spins and let us know your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

Family can’t afford for me not to be poppin’ (Yeah)
B*tches in the mud, not in your wallet
So I gotta keep my mind right (Yeah)
So that my stars align (Yeah, ayy)
Mix a little passion with persistence (Uh)
Next thing you know you got listens (Uh)