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Posted By on July 30, 2021

New Jersey rapper and singer Russ continues to flaunt his consistency with the release of “Fate,” his 13th single since early May. His inspiration for the string of singles have varied from women, money, travel, and his rise to the top, though this latest track is a refreshing step back from the artist both sonically and thematically. While last week’s “Lake Como” release found Russ taking on the infectious romance of the Summer, “Fate” is an ode to the laidback days of July. 

The new release is backed by a relaxing and pleasantly simple boom-bap beat– a signature of Russ’s production at this point in his career. On the instrumental, the rapper and singer gives fans a taste of his weathered versatility. The track kicks off with a melodic chorus that could be found in any R&B track, as Russ moves away from his incessant grind and instead hopes fate will figure things out for him.

A catchy and introspective rap verse follows the chorus and sees Russ touching on his most well-known talking points: criticizing the rap game and boasting about his accomplishments. While he could take a more conventional route through the industry, Russ decides he’d rather stay outside the box and maintain his independent and outspoken persona. 

Check out the track below.

Quotable Lyrics:

One way or another, I’ma figure this out 
Don’t know where, don’t know when, and I don’t know how 
So I’ma just drink, smoke, chalk it up to fate 
So I’ma just drink, smoke, chalk it up to fate