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Posted By on June 17, 2021

Following the release of “Money on Me,” which dropped earlier this week, Russ wastes no time with a follow-up. His new single “Lucky” is a track perfect for the beginning of the summer. Over a self-produced instrumental, he reflects on how lucky he is to be with his current main squeeze. “Let’s go to Rome, maybe let’s just stay home, Baby, except we popping and everyone knows,” he sings, IG captions in the making. “Pictures in France, then we fly to Japan / Baby, except we popping and everyone knows.”

Russ has consistently been dropping new heat ever since he went independent in 2020, and following the release of his album Shake the Snow Globe, he’s been on a roll. He makes it a point to emphasize how artists should believe in themselves and not fall prey to record labels that are eager to take advantage of those on the rise.

Earlier this year, the “Ride Slow” rapper also launched his own cannabis company aimed at artists who spend long hours in the studio. He partnered with WonderBrett to release the marijuana line CHOMP. Russ has also rescheduled his Shake the Snow Globe Tour for 2022. 


I wanna spend all my minutes on you
I wanna go to the top of the moon
I wanna take every second I can
Showing you gently just how lucky I am