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Posted By on August 14, 2020

Following a newly signed distribution deal with Tech N9ne‘s Strange Music, Saigon has returned to the mix with the first glimpse from his upcoming album 777: The Resurrection. Set to arrive in full on August 28th, Sai has officially dropped off the project’s lead single “Bullets-19,” produced by Streetrunner. Never one to shy away from speaking on societal issues, Saigon uses the opportunity to reflect on the ongoing dangers of gun-violence, the pain in his voice indicative of the subject’s severity. 

 Saigon opened up about the track in an official press release. “When children can’t go outside and play without potentially getting shot, you know we have a problem” he explains. “Right now, we’re dealing with two pandemics, one is Covid-19 and the other is the spread of even more bullets killing Black and Brown people across the country as this recent surge of gun violence continues. As a community of color, we must take control of creating and implementing solutions to bring an end to this ourselves and if you’re not part of the solution, then you’re in the way.”

Should you be interested in catching up with Saigon, be sure to check back on August 28th for 777: The Resurrection to land in full. Are you interested in checking 


Ain’t no way that I would let a viral threat make me forget
That in which I suspect is the reason that I can check
All media outlets, see the globe in a panic
I wonder how we under but never go over-stand it
A day before Corona hit, I read an article that read
200 shootings in Chicago predicted for tomorrow
But what I didn’t see was politicians all over the screen
Talking ’bout a vaccine, stopping kids from getting hit with them hollow