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Freedom Is Priceless

Posted By on November 22, 2020

SAINt JHN has become a household name over the last couple of years although his rise to fame has been a steady grind. He has been writing songs for a multitude of big artists, all while delivers some vibes of his own. With consistent projects every year since 2018, SAINt JHN released While The World Was Burning on Friday and there are plenty of great songs here to enjoy.

One of those tracks is “Freedom Is Priceless” which sees the artist deliver one of those moody bangers he has become so famous for. From sexual exploits to his newfound riches, everything is on the table here for SAINt JHN as he maneuvers through dark production that feels eerily apocalyptic.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Was getting head from a Brenda, on God, the very first time I heard Coldplay
I saw a n***a just bumpin’ his gum
And then he got poked with a hole in him
How you gon’ live your whole life on the road
And taught not to feel any road rage?