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Posted By on October 9, 2020

It’s not even up for debate. This has been the strongest year in SAINt JHN’s career.

The budding superstar has shown flashes of greatness over the years but, until 2020, he hadn’t been able to score a major hit as an artist. Of course, his career as a songwriter speaks volumes as well, having contributed work for BeyoncĂ©, Usher, and others. With “Roses”, a four-year-old song, going sixty-seven times platinum by SAINt JHN’s own accord this year, it’s finally the 34-year-old’s time to shine. Now, he’s getting ready to unleash his brand new album upon us, coming with WTWWB in a week’s time

Before that, we’ve got a fresh single to dissect.

“Gorgeous” is everything that we love about SAINt JHN. The track tip-toes the line of hip-hop, featuring the right amount of catchy melodies and hard-hitting flows to appeal to all sorts of listeners. The artist, nicknamed Ghetto Lenny, is ready for his time in the spotlight and you can tell. You love to see it.

Listen to the new record below and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

Think of me as man, then a goon, then an artist
Watch where you stomp when you walk where my clocks is
I’m not with the talk, with the talk, not the talkers
I be with the goons and the thugs goin’ bonkers
I would never stop in the park for your pardon
I be hittin’ the numbers, for real, hit the log-in
I just left Celine, yeah, I probably spent the mortgage
Diamonds ’round my neck, know it’s fuckin’ retarded