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Shoreline Mafia

Perc Popper

Posted By on July 18, 2020

Shoreline Mafia’s Ohgeesy and Fenix Flexin have returned with a new single. Entitled “Perc Popper,” the name of the track says it all. The two rappers split the song in half, each delivering extended verses with no hook separating them. Although the name of the song is somewhat trite, both Ohgeesy and Fenix go in over the sinister instrumental that will make your speakers rattle. 

Fenix delivers the first verse on the song, and drops bars about his typical area of concern. Ohgeesy follows suit with the same mentality. Overall, this song is a good banger to bump to get that hype energy. The beat, produced by Yo Cam, AyeBromar & DJ Flippp, relies on a heavy trap sound with a little hyphy influence. 

Quotable Lyrics
Give a bitch good dick, now she glowin’ (Now she glowin’)
Remember she was innocent, now she hoein’ (She a ho)
In a foreign whip, nigga, and it’s stolen (And it’s stolen, skrrt)
Look at my mouth, lil’ bitch, all golden (All golden)
Look at my neck, lil’ nigga, all frozen (All frozen)
Run up on us trippin’, nigga, get your jaw broken (Jaw broken)

Shoreline Mafia