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200 Thou

Posted By on February 10, 2021

True, Smokepurpp might not be the most universally beloved artist, as many of his early antics simply rubbed people the wrong way. Yet in spite of a few rough patches, the young Floridian has been consistently innovative in his own way, consistently exploring different musical styles and incorporating unexpected influences. On his latest release PsychoPurrpp moved to pay tribute to the legendary Ozzy Osbourne, lining up a dark banger on the standout “200 Thou.”

Over an off-kilter and unsettling instrumental, Purpp kicks up a slick flow as he channels the spirit of Norman Bates, succumbing to his hedonistic urges. “Bitch I’m a monster, I can not be stopped, Never got shot so his cherry got popped,” he spits. “I’m living different dracos on the yacht.” In truth, there isn’t much innovation on a lyrical front, but that has never been Purpp’s way. And while some might feel that the unrelenting flexes can be grating, part of Purpp’s appeal is his sheer dedication to doing whatever — and whomever — he wants. Check out “200 Thou” now.


Bitch I’m a monster, I can not be stopped
Never got shot so his cherry got popped
I’m living different dracos on the yacht