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Nipsey Blue

Posted By on August 14, 2020

Saturday would mark Nipsey Hussle‘s 35th birthday, and in tribute to the late rapper, Snoop Dogg has shared his track “Nipsey Blue.” Ever since Nipsey was gunned down in Los Angeles in front of his clothing store in the Spring of 2019, his friends and fellow entertainers have come forward to memorialize him in any way possible. 

Don’t expect to hear the Long Beach legend dropping rhymes about his times with Neighborhood Nip on “Nipsey Blue”; the track itself comes from singer Dorothy Moore who released her single “Misty Blue” back in 1976. The sample remains intact throughout the song as Snoop Dogg can be heard singing along, ad-libbing and changing “Misty Blue” to the words “Nipsey Blue.” Snoop has often spoken openly about how his life was impacted by Nipsey, so stream “Nipsey Blue” and pay tribute to the late rapper with Snoop.

Quotable Lyrics

Oh, it’s been such a long, long time
Looks like I’d get you off my mind
But I can’t
Just the thought of you (just the thought of you)
Turns my whole world Nipsey Blue

Snoop Dogg