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Spillage Village


Posted By on September 21, 2020

This Friday, Atlanta’s own Spillage Village — a collective made up of Olu, Wowgr8, J.I.D, Mereba, 6LACK, Jurdan Bryant, Benji, and Hollywood JB — is gearing up to release their upcoming album Spilligion, a project that has already seen two singles released in “End Of Daze” and “Baptize.” With the tracklist having been shared a few days ago, the gang has come through with the penultimate track “Hapi,” a stylistic contrast from the previous two drops.

One thing that is remarkably refreshing off top is the Vill’s willingness to take their time, exploring and really spending time in developing their ideas. As such, Hapi” feels like an ascent into a lush and vibrant world, one brought to life within the opening lines. “I met a man playin’ in the woods, his piano was off-key,” sings Olu and Mereba in harmony. “He sang to me softly, I bet he wouldn’t change it if he could.” With Mereba, Olu, and newcomer Benji holding it down with three distinctive verses, each one adapting effortlessly to the ever-changing beat. While some may grapple with the length and slow-burning melodic quality, others will find much to appreciate in “Hapi,” a testament to the crew’s stunning versatility.

Look for Spilligion to arrive this Friday — are you excited to check that one out?


Some say, “Life is just a Hell
And it’s here we wait until we dwell truly, truly, truly free”
Some say, “Projects and ghettos and seeds that will never grow, all berries to see”
I’ll stay with you through the night and in the darkest times
We’ll fight through it all until we reach that dawn

Spillage Village