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Summer Walker


Posted By on July 12, 2020

Summer Walker‘s Life on Earth EP is an R&B lover’s dream. The brief project is sensational. Capping off the 5 song EP is “Deeper,” and sexy single where Summer really indulges in her emotions. A gorgeous guitar and peaceful synths float like butterflies around Summer’s vocals. The talented songstress explained the creation of “Deeper” via Apple Music. 

“‘Deeper’ was actually made around the same time we made ‘Playing Games’ last year. It’s a song that talks about how to go deeper in love. In this scenario, say there’s a certain someone that you have fallen for and you all in but it don’t feel like y’all on the same page—you keep your heart open and believe all the sweet talk and promises they make. Over time, you get them to understand that it’s deeper than just saying you will do something—they actually gotta put forth real effort and keep their word.”

Quotable Lyrics
Baby, all I gotta say, nobody get they way faster
Claimin’ that you’re here to stay, we’ll see how it plays, actor
Boy, you say you’re done with games and more
We gotta get deeper now
Deeper and deeper now, woah

Summer Walker