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Suspect Feat. Giggs

Bruce Wayne

Posted By on September 26, 2020

Suspect has been delivering some big bangers throughout the year but his latest one with Hollowman is his hardest yet. The pair have worked together on a few occasions including on 2016’s “Wonder What.” Though it’s been four years since they collaborated, they teamed up on the hard-hitting, “Bruce Wayne.” The two are backed by ominous production while Suspect kicks things off. Giggs steals the show with much more than a 16-bar verse to close off the track. Unfortunately, he missed the opportunity to squeeze in a reference to his Batman bar from Drake‘s “KMT.” 

It’s been roughly a year and a half since Giggs dropped off his last project, The Big Bad.  Hopefully, he’ll be gracing us with a new project in 2021. Check out “Bruce Wayne” below.

Quotable Lyrics
Shave some whiskers, ganja man, wave your rizlas
Shoot that racist ’cause they some Hitlers
Yeah, who’s comin’ ’round again?
Shootin’ him down, shootin’ him down again
Things gettin’ lost, but who’s gettin’ found again?
Dudes getting tan, so who’s getting brown again?



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