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T.I. Feat. Lil Jon

F*ck Em

Posted By on September 20, 2021

The explosive allegations against T.I. and his wife Tiny rattled the hip-hop community at large. Multiple women came forward with allegations of sexual assault but last week, they received the news that they would not be facing any charges in relation to a 2005 sexual assault case filed against them. The couple was accused of drugging and sexually assaulting multiple women. However, the prosecutors concluded, “the case is declined due to expiration the Statute of Limitations.”

Over the weekend, the rapper hinted that he and his wife would offer a statement after the L.A. Cou The synth-laden production serves as the upbeat backdrop that T.I. uses to double down on his and his wife’s innocence. It sounds like a 2009 loose track that was refurbished with modern 808s, and Lil Jon‘s assistance on the ad-libs accentuates the throwback feel a bit more. 

The rapper hinted that an official response over the weekend after his attorney commented on the District Attorney’s Office decision.  ““Mr. and Mrs. Harris are pleased, but not surprised, by the District Attorney’s decision to dismiss these meritless allegations.  We appreciate the DA’s careful review of the case and are grateful to be able to put the matter behind us and move on,” Shawn Holley said. 

Quotable Lyrics
Since high school, been doing my thing 
Stay strapped, strike like lightning
That’s why your opinion more like no opinion
Never gave a fuck about a hoe opinion 
Somethin’ told me not to go up in ya
Probably parallel park a Porsche in ya
Tall money but I’m short-tempered
If you broke, weak, I don’t fuck with ya 



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