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Tee Grizzley Feat. Baby Grizzley

Gave That Back

Posted By on January 22, 2021

Tee Grizzley and his brother, the aptly named Baby Grizzley, have proven themselves to be quite the formidable pair. Now, the duo have come through with their brand new collaboration “Gave That Back,” a hard-knocking banger driven by filthy synthesizers and up-tempo percussion. Off the bat, it’s clear that the track is first and foremost a family affair. “I ain’t goin’ back and forth with ni*gas ‘less it’s on the track / me and broski twinnin’, winnin’, rappin’, still will twist your cap,” spits Tee, in the chorus. “Gave my momma all that time, she did ten and gave that back.” 

Baby Grizzley proves he’s cut from the same cloth as his brother, sparking off the back-and-forth flow scheme with some tough bars. “My n**ga Tee the sergeant, neighborhood locksmith,” he raps. “Uber in whip caves, five stars, get a top lift.” The chemistry continues as Tee tags in, his formidable presence felt as he threatens the opposition. “You can look up all our paperwork, solid as a rock,” he boasts. “And my pistols like Snoop, six-four, switches on them Glocks.” 

Check out the track now, and be sure to sound off if you’re enjoying the new music from Tee Grizzley and Baby Grizzley. Would you like to see a full project from the brothers?


I got that Drac alone
Told the DJ he a rat, when we in here don’t play that song
All my nig*as up in bank, imagine what I make alone
Come and drop a ni*ga whole village, this shit Game of Thrones

Tee Grizzley


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