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The Diplomats Feat. Juelz Santana & Cam'ron

Dipset Anthem

Posted By on August 6, 2020

You remember where you were when you first heard the monumental “Dipset Anthem” back in 2003, when it first set the streets ablaze at the height of the Diplomats movement. And now that Juelz Santana has officially come home, it feels appropriate to rewind back to one of his timeless classics. It doesn’t take long for nostalgia to set in, guided by the capable production of The Heatmakerz. 

Over a beat evocative of a classic rap era, Juelz set things off with a hard-hitting verse establishing his dominance. “See some n***s getting money in a town, I like it,” he spits. “I run up on them with the pound and light it, like ‘it’s my block now, alright, kid?'” The clear star of this particular show, Juelz handles double duty — not to mention the chorus — before Cam’Ron slides through to polish it off. What Cam lacks in empathy and morality he makes up for in devilish charisma, as he fires off X-rated imagery with little regard for all the wronged husbands.

Be sure to give “Dipset Anthem” another listen, if only to revel in the return of Juelz Santana, currently living it up as a free man. 


Today’s a new day, got the boo-lay up in the suitcase
Go uptown to Harlem tell em that I sent ya
Tell em it’s August, I’m gone til’ November 
I need a couple birds, get a broad, have ’em sent up 
Call my bird, get my broad have her sent up 
Call my n***s, call my squad, have ’em sent up

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