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Made Me Everything

Posted By on September 23, 2020

If you’re feeling some type of way, TOBi’s latest track, “Made Me Everything” will uplift your spirits by the time the track’s done. The Toronto-bred rapper unveiled his latest single, along with a powerful visual shot in his hometown. The powerful horn section and bouncy flow blends with the soulful and liberating spirit of the record. 

“This is the first song that Alex Goose produced for me and we have so much more in the chamber. That soulful energy with a contemporary touch is what my music is about,” TOBi said in a statement. “I’m bringing that feeling back for the kids to experience. It’s been a crazy year collectively and adding our personal lives into the mix makes it more complex. Then, we have the reopening of racial wounds in North America. It’s heavy stuff, so we create joy and find ways to smile and thrive through the pain. We are resilient. We got this.”

Quotable Lyrics
I touch down in New York
Eli Manning, boy
All my life, I got off on the 13th floor
Grateful for these blessings until I’m seeing plenty more