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Tory Lanez & VV$ Ken


Posted By on July 12, 2020

Tory Lanez continues to be one of the most consistent artists in the hip-hop, and on Friday, he showed us exactly why this is the case. The Toronto artist dropped a two-pack called the VVS Capsule. In fact, this mini-project features the likes of VV$ Ken, who is his brand new artist.

Based on their collaborative track “392,” there is no denying these two are an undeniable duo who could make some serious hits when they want to. “392” features a lowkey beat with a menacing flow from VV$ Ken. By the time Lanez joins the action, he is replicating Ken’s cadence, creating a dark tone to the entire track.

Quotable Lyrics:

Soon as that Glock lock, hit him
I hit his block and I bend it, shots extended
Talkin’ too hot, I’ma spin it
Flew to the jeweler, bought a quarter mill’ watch and a pendant
Shots keep flyin, who spinnin’?
Ain’t nobody seen who did it

Tory Lanez


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