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Kill Us All

Posted By on January 27, 2021

Seventeen years ago, the legendary Twista came through with his fourth studio album Kamikaze, a project that arrived at the arguable height of his mainstream stardom. Following the album’s release, Twista was riding the high of the Kanye West-assisted “Slow Jamz,” as well as the momentum of his lead single “Overnight Celebrity.” And while many were appreciative of Twista and Yeezy‘s soulful chemistry, one of the project’s biggest highlights emerged when the dexterous rapper took things back to his roots on the murderous “Kill Us All.” 

Over a whirlwind instrumental evocative of his Adrenaline Rush days, Twista proceeds to showcase exactly why he remains in the best-flow conversation. “Kill ’em off with an explosion, get up bitches,” he raps, kicking down the proverbial door in his opening verse. “Kamikaze on you hoes, I’m the sacrificial lamb / Feelin’ fury flow out of every follicle in my body / While you decompose, die with a blunt of dro in yo hand.” Who else is serving up alliteration like that? Even to this day, “Kill Us All” is one of the hardest tracks we’ve seen from the Chi-town icon, displaying a rapper unrestrained in the midst of his comfort zone. Show some love to Twista and be sure to give Kamikaze a revisit on its milestone anniversary.


Fuckin’ with me is a bigger gamble than a pack of dice
I’ll murder you and come at you again in the afterlife
My brother you can’t bring harm with guns, I’m armed with bombs
Fuck all that shit you carry I got your obituary
A motherfuckin’ phenomenon, ’cause I’ma come
Til they put all of us in a cemetery