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Posted By on August 2, 2020

In the past decade, Canada has claimed its stake in the world of hip-hop. We’re witnessing a rise in new artists from Toronto and beyond deliver an unfiltered depiction of their reality. Rising Ottawa artist TwoTiime has been making rounds with the success of his single, “Hood Cry” that has garnered over 500K views on YouTube to date. He’s now back with another single that has all the potential to be even bigger than “Hood Cry.” “Up2Me,” TwoTiime’s latest offering, reflects on overcoming adversity and prospering through trying times.

“‘Up2Me’ is about being independent,” said TwoTiime in a statement. “As a young 18-year-old artist, I realized people you have around aren’t who they turn out to be. Nobody takes their craft as serious as you, especially when it comes to getting life goals done. A lot of jealousy breeds when you start to hit fame. So it’s ‘Up2Me’ to look past the beef and jealousy and do what’s right for my family and neighbourhood.”

Check out TwoTiime’s latest single below.

Quotable Lyrics
Remember nights we was talkin’ ’bout some chains
A chain gang for anyone who is gang
And if you not, n***a, stay inside your lane
‘Cause what you know about trappin’ in the rain?



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