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Uno The Activist

Das Him

Posted By on July 11, 2020

Uno The Activist blessed his fans with 8his debut album, this past week. The long-awaited debut from Uno showcases his growth as an artist. He appears to have found his sound, and it plays comfortably. On the single “Das Him,” Uno croons in a soothing tone that compliments the smooth instrumental. 

Produced by Loesoe & Mayyzo, “Das Him” is a delight to bump to. Triumphant synths that sound like heavenly horns stand front and center on this instrumental. A second, fluctuating g-funk-inspired synth appears to add a gorgeous harmonization to the beat. Uno lays down one of the catchiest hooks of his career, and we’re certain it will burrow itself into your brain. Uno’s lyrics sporadically jump from sex laden musings to stunting, making “Das Him” the perfect turn-up track for the summer.

Quotable Lyrics
I have no emotion when I’m on that bean
You gotta look twice just to see all my fleek
These hoes on my skin like a dog with some fleas
“Who havin’ drip?” I’m like, “Who do you think?”
I open my eyes, she like, “Who do you see?”
Big red drip from Rick Owens tees


Uno The Activist


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