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Vic Mensa Feat. Malik Yusef & Wyatt Waddell

No More Teardrops

Posted By on August 10, 2020

Many artists are using their musical platforms to address the social injustice that’s come to a head recently in light of the Black Lives Matter movement. We’ve heard powerful bars this year from vets like Black Thought all the way to rising emcees like D Smoke, and now Vic Mensa is adding something to the conversation with a new single titled  “No More Teardrops.”

Vic Mensa No More Teardrops roc nation reprise
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Also featuring Malik Yusef and Wyatt Waddell, “No More Teardrops” is a round for round sound-off against everything plaguing the Black community today — police brutality, street crime, Wall Street corruption and the extremely problematic prison system are just a few topics of discussion. The Chicago emcee pulls out lyrics that touch you and will resonate way after the four-and-a-half-minute track ends.

Listen to Vic Mensa’s powerful new song “No More Teardrops” below, and look out for the Reprise project curated by Roc Nation later this year.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m tired of only seein’ n****s at the funeral
Tired of learnin’ my homie’s name at the eulogy
I’m tired of wearin’ suits, man, this ain’t suitable
I’m tired of runnin’, but the cops keep shooting me
N****s dyin’ and we still buyin’ jewelry
N***a, this ain’t the time for the tomfoolery
A sign of the times, shit ain’t what it used to be
I throw a hoodie on, look at what they do to me
.223 cocked, I don’t need a handout
This Wall Street, we done got a bailout
They try to tell us to believe in the government
But even when Barack is president, n****s had to sell rocks

Vic Mensa


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