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Blue Yellow Green Pink White

Posted By on June 19, 2020

Wale has officially returned to the fold, moved to speak on recent events with his brand new EP The Imperfect Storm. And while there remains plenty of material to unpack for those willing to sit down and listen — as you probably should with a lyricist of his caliber — sometimes a little escapism can go a long way. In that sense, the bouncy “Blue Yellow Green Pink White” is probably the most accessible track on a surface listen, the closest to a banger the project has to offer. 

Over a smooth instrumental courtesy of Lakim, Wale gets kaleidoscopic as he navigates the percussion with confidence. “Grippin’ on the back road, I been gettin’ distant,” he spits, in his opening lines. “I be gettin’ hot, cold, still be gettin’ bitches. “Look at my ambition, through all my transgression / Tomato or tomato, man, I’m still playin’.” As they say, you can’t keep a good man down; as long as Wale has a message to spread, he’ll continue to do so. And luckily, it would appear he flow hasn’t dulled in the slightest. Check it out for yourself now, and show some love the rapper in the comment section. 


Flexing, if you know you know, you know the reference
When you get to floating you don’t know what is impressive
My homies still struggle, my other homie loving
And one of them a product of a mother who a junkie
The other one makin’ seven figures, doin’ nothin
He gon’ pull up on me, say “Turn it up”