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Wiz Khalifa

Palm Trees

Posted By on January 3, 2021

It’s officially 2021 and Wiz Khalifa rang in the new year with a farewell to 2020. The rapper unleashed his latest project #FUCC2020 on Friday with little to no warning but it was a splendid surprise for Wiz fans. Hosted by Wiz Khalifa/DJ Daddykat (his alter ego), he came through with 24 songs in total that offered a vibe for everyone.

“Palm Trees” kicks the project off on a high note. Wiz takes on muddy and spacey trap production as he reflects on the finer things in life: women, weed, money, etc. Wiz is talkin’ his shit on this record, reminding his peers and the generation that follows that he’s in a whole other league of his own.

Check out the record below and peep his new tape here. 

Quotable Lyrics
I’m shoppin’ and makin’ my clothes
They sayin’ I’m too hard
I told you that I was gon’ win
As soon as I open the door and they lettin’ me star
And they takin’ one look at my wrist
Get hella impressed, they don’t even know what it cost

Wiz Khalifa