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WooDaRealest Feat. Killer Mike


Posted By on October 31, 2020

Killer Mike has always been known for being a political artist, especially over the past few years where he has been a huge advocate for Bernie Sanders who has been the leader of the progressive movement in the United States. Now that Joe Biden has the Democratic nomination, Killer Mike has been aiming to get Trump out of office, and ahead of the election on Tuesday, the artist has dropped a new politically-charged track with WooDaRealest.

This song is part of a compilation tape called I am OTHER, Volume 2 which is helping out smaller artists who have been negative affected by the pandemic. As for the song itself, Killer Mike and WooDaRealest drop uplifting lyrics about the struggles of their people. Killer Mike and WooDaRealest are aspiring for a better tomorrow and this song certainly conveys that message. As for the production, we get a nice piano-laced beat that makes you feel the emotion from the get-go.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ain’t no savior coming, Black folks gotta save ourselves
If it come to your life or a crooked copper don’t be slaughtered
Word to Assata



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