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Look At Me!

Posted By on December 31, 2020

When this song came on the loudspeaker at the function five years ago, the looks on everyone’s faces were perfect. A mix of confusion, intrigue, and rage came across the crowd when “Look At Me!” blasted into our ears, being played at basically every party, and still serving as a staple to hype up any festival crowd. XXXTentacion’s debut single, the raucous “Look At Me!” is officially 5-years-old, celebrating its anniversary on December 30.

The song was initially a sleeper hit, premiering on producer Cristian Rojas’ SoundCloud page on December 30, 2015 before being made more available in the following month. It helped the Florida native XXXTentacion burst into superstardom, blowing up while the rapper was in jail. After Drake seemingly recycled some of X’s flows in his own record “KMT”, everything was set in stone for XXX to become a household name for rap enthusiasts.

If your New Year’s Eve plans include an apartment party with your immediate bubble tonight, be sure to add this one to the playlist for throwback vibes.

Rest in peace to XXXTentacion, one of the most talented songwriters of his generation.

Quotable Lyrics:

You put a gun on my mans
I put a hole in your parents
I just got lean on my Ksubis
I got a Uzi, no Uzi