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Posted By on March 17, 2021

XXXTentacion has nearly been gone for three years. The Florida-based rap artist served as one of the strongest voices of his generation, sharing music that truly connected to a group of young adults that have experienced the highest percentages of depression and anxiety in recent years. The late 20-year-old knew how to speak to the youth, piecing together his words and melodies in a hypnotic way, crafting some of the best songs written in the 2010s. 

With over a billion streams on Spotify, we look back on “Moonlight” as we celebrate the 3-year anniversary of XXXTentacion’s top-selling album ?. One of the most popular songs on the album, “Moonlight” has gone 6-times platinum in the United States. Produced by John Cunningham, the song peaked at #13 on the Billboard Hot 100, but its global reach could be felt in the years following its initial success.

A smooth love song, “Moonlight” sees XXXTentacion dealing with his own mental health issues, as well as his jealousy and anger problems. The hypnotic loop by John Cunningham is the true star of the song, but X’s handling of the track’s melodies and flows were perfectly-executed.

If you’re just getting into XXX’s discography, this album is a great place to start before diving into his earlier material.

Re-visit “Moonlight” below and be sure to give ? a spin on its 3-year anniversary.

Quotable Lyrics:

Feel like I’m destined
I don’t need no Smith & Wesson, no
Boy, who you testin’?
F*ck a Scantron, here’s your lesson, oh

Knife in intestine
Takin’ shots at all your brethren, no

Feel like I’m damaged
Girl I know you f*cking planned this