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YFN Lucci

Sept. 7th

Posted By on October 20, 2020

While YFN Lucci has remained a fixture on TheShadeRoom, he’s continued to drop off tons of new music to balance out the salacious headlines. The rapper returned this week with an emotional offering titled, “Sept. 7th.” Lucci’s latest record is an introspective take on his outlook on the world around him, especially as he balances relationships with his day ones. “Sept. 7th” addresses an apparent falling out between YFN Lucci and his friend, rapping, “I swear I used have a heart, it went ghost on me/ I put my trust in a n***a and he stole from me.” Throughout the track, YFN Lucci also makes reference to his love life and friends who’ve died or are incarcerated. 

The loose single arrives just weeks after releasing his last single, “Man Down.” This year, he released the Corona Pack EP as well as the single, “Wet” which has received remixes with appearances from Mulatto, Bigga Rankin, and Jada Kingdom, among others.

Check out the latest from YFN Lucci below.

Quotable Lyrics
Rollin’ like a scooter
Gotta free my main man, shawty was a shooter
200 thousand on the airplane, probably should’ve flew
Private, how the hell you made it out the zoo? Grindin’

YFN Lucci