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Posted By on October 3, 2020

YG has been teasing a new project for quite some time and on Friday, he delivered with his new effort My Life 4Hunnid. There were plenty of singles teasing this album but now, we have a full slate of tracks that feature the artist’s signature Los Angeles sound. Perhaps one of the big standouts of the album is the first song “Jealous” which does a great job at setting the tone of the project.

As you would expect, the song is filled with that California bounce, all while YG provides some braggadocios bars that speak to his place in the game. YG sounds as confident as ever here and it translates into a great song to add to your weekend playlists.

Quotable Lyrics:

I fly private, it’s lit-lit, it’s a field trip
Buy bags, my type of bags, they be meal tick’s
I could fuck up a check, n****, I got it, still rich
I came straight from the bottom to the top, that’s a heel flip
They ain’t talkin’ that [?] talk, we’ll hit the kill switch
I just wrote up a script, somebody call up Will Smith