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Young Dolph

Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up

Posted By on August 14, 2020

Young Dolph has been a champion of Memphis rap over the last few years and when he announced his unretirement from the rap game, fans were absolutely ecstatic. With this announcement came a brand new album, which released last night. The project is called Rich $lave and features a plethora of bangers that have fans reminiscing about why they love Dolph in the first place.

The intro on to the album, “Hold Up Hold Up Hold Up,” is an immediate standout as it has Dolph spitting over a more lowkey instrumental. Throughout the song, Dolph speaks about his come up and how he began with humble beginnings, only to find himself grappling with success. It’s a song that certainly inspires you and it’s a perfect track to work out to, as well.

Quotable Lyrics:

Uncle Vic told me stay down with this shit ’til it blow up (I got you)
Smokin’ on some shit you not, got Wock-Wock in my soda (Dirty)
Used to sign for the packs, now I sign t-shirts and posters (It’s Dolph)
Drop five hundred racks to drop the top on that new Rolls truck (Woo, uh)

Young Dolph