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Young Nudy

Bodies On Bodies

Posted By on August 5, 2021

Young Nudy is a man on a mission this year, having recently come through with his second project of 2021, Rich Shooter. A follow-up to the spooky and sinister DR. EV4L — read our review right here — this new project features even more new material from the Atlanta rapper. Largely shifting away from the horror motif of its predecessor, Rich Shooter’s production is more in line with some of Nudy’s previous work, whimsical and strange while still retaining a hard-hitting edge. 

With plenty of songs to unpack, one of the immediate standouts is “Bodies On Bodies,” immediately capturing the vibe of the album’s cover. Producer Coupe laces Nudy with an eerie sci-fi banger, an original blend of camp and carnage. It’s the exact sort of beat that Nudy tends to excel over, his effortless flow and casual threats still packing a punch — who else can mix Clifford The Big Red Dog and murder most foul in one fell swoop? You can thank his charisma for that, a quality that has kept Nudy engaging throughout his prolific discography.

Check out “Bodies On Bodies” now, and support Nudy by streaming Rich Shooter right here. 


Man, I’m still in the hood, in the 6, bitch 
I’m so motherfuckin’ ruthless, I can’t help it 
Hell yeah, you know I’m red like I’m Clifford 
Beam on your head came from the end of my pistol

Young Nudy