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Yung Quis Feat. Jeezy


Posted By on January 22, 2021

Jeezy doesn’t just hand out features left-and-right, so it’s obvious that Detroit’s Yung Quis has something special. His 20-year story has included a lot of triumph and trepidation, bringing his tale to life in his music. Perhaps his latest single “RAP” tells his story in the clearest form thus far.

“They will never hear something in a song that’s not true unless it’s a punchline,” says Yung Quis. “They’ll never hear something from me that’s not the truth. Everybody says they’re real. I’m just honest.” His new single “RAP” with Jeezy screams authenticity, and it marks a turning point for the rapper, who is focused on giving up the streets to make his rap dreams come true.

“RAP was inspired by my determination to leave the streets behind COMPLETELY and fully pursue my rap career, and finally understanding that I had to give this music 100% of my attention if that’s really what I wanted to do,” he says about the record. “I reached out to Jeezy because he’s one of the rappers in the industry who had created a soundtrack to my life for the last 15 years and who truly ESCAPED this life that only few of us make it out to speak on.”

This is the third single from Yung Quis’ upcoming album K.O.D. (King of Detroit). Listen to it below and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

I don’t wanna sell dope no more
I swear this rap sh*t knocking at my front door
Finally realized that I can’t do both
Few M’s in, I just need a few more

Yung Quis


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