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Yungeen Ace

Giving Up

Posted By on June 17, 2021

Florida rap star Yungeen Ace is preparing to release his official debut studio album Life Of Betrayal 2x, which is expected to hit shelves next month. Experiencing some viral success this year through his appearance on “Who I Smoke,” the 23-year-old artist looks to achieve new heights in his career by opening up more than he ever has in his music. On his latest single “Giving Up,” Ace speaks about his upbringing, revealing that he had nowhere to go at an early age.

The honest new track sees Ace singing his heart out, touching on all of the trauma he’s encountered in his life. The self-directed music video shows Ace looking for a place to stay the night, roaming the streets, and sending messages to his friends for help.

Life Of Betrayal 2x is expected to release in July. Stay tuned for more new music from Yungeen Ace along the way.

Quotable Lyrics:

I don’t want love it’s way too fake
Had to run a n***a down with the K
Had to sleep outside where you stay
Before you die, know he had to see my face
I’m too lenient
I believe in love I just ain’t seen it yet

Yungeen Ace